Meet Our Speakers
Zeljko Bak

Zeljko Bak, Leading teams to build better products, Amplexor Life Sciences

Emmanuel Belabe

Emmanuel “Manny” Belabe, Vice President, Solution Consulting at ArisGlobal

Agnes Cwienczek

Agnes Cwienczek, Head of Product Management and Consulting, Amplexor Life Sciences

Steve Gens

Steve Gens (MSOD), Managing Partner Gens & Associates

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon, Chief Executive Officer, ArisGlobal Chairman of the Board

Jim Hilferty

Jim Hilferty, Associate Vice President, Product Management at ArisGlobal

Dr. Pravin Jadhav

Dr. Pravin Jadhav, CEO of Vivpro Corp

Pat Jenakanandhini

Pat Jenakanandhini, Chief Product Officer at ArisGlobal

Laura Jones

Laura Jones, Director, Product Management -RIM, ArisGlobal

Satappa Kambale

Satappa Kambale,  Regulatory & Business Continuity at Sun Pharma

Vlatka Lotina Kosanović

Vlatka Lotina Kosanović, Senior Life Sciences Consultant


Kornel Marko, Managing director and co-founder of Averbis GmbH

Miess Henrike

Dr. Henrike Miess, Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs at Woerwag Pharma

Remco Munnik

Remco Munnik, Director at Iperion

Elvis Paćelat

Elvis Paćelat, Vice President Compliance Management at Amplexor Life Sciences

Katja Pecjak

Katja Pečjak, Managing Director & QPPV at Billev Pharma East/IRISS Forum

Vanja Primorac

Vanja Primorac, Product Manager, Amplexor Life Sciences

Renato Rjavec

Renato Rjavec, Director of Product Management, Amplexor Life Sciences

Robin Schilling

Robin Schilling, Regulatory Product Management at ArisGlobal

Alexander Tryba

Alexander Tryba, Managing Partner at Main5

Anthony Vigliotti

Anthony Vigliotti, Chief Product Officer at Adlib Software

Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson, Managing Director & Co-Founder of CorrIT and creator of the SPORIFY web application

Meet Our Sponsors


Adlib is the Document Transformation Solution designed to help highly-regulated organizations scale their document workflows, expedite their go-to-markets, and improve their archival and submissions compliance requirements. Our solution automatically discovers, extracts, and converts information from virtually any document type into easily searchable, shareable formats. The biggest names in life sciences, energy, finance, and industrials trust Adlib’s pixel-perfect rendering technology to manage their most sensitive documents and workflows due to it’s unparalleled accuracy, security, integrations, and speed.


MAIN5 was established in 2013 as a Management Consulting firm and focuses on strategy, processes, and solution consulting with international life science companies in the regulated R&D – especially in Regulatory Affairs, PV and Quality Management. 
The strong team of highly skilled professionals at MAIN5 combine their methodical and systematic approach with years of experience in the industry. 
The holistic approach, which places the primary focus of the route to the digital future and involvement of people, is also used to implement complex vision and ideas for leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry.